Kurs 47: The UK in Shambles: Who or What is to Blame for Britain’s Miseries?

After many difficult years, the UK seems to be in complete shambles. A poor economy and a new “Winter of discontent”, a population experiencing political chaos and social unrest, and an earlier strong Monarchy changing, but into what? Moreover, there is uncertainty in the Scottish Government, and nothing seems to resolve itself in Northern Ireland regarding the Northern Irish Protocol. The devolved government has not retaken their seats after Sinn Fein won the election in Northern Ireland in May 2022. In 2022, the UK has had three Prime Ministers and the country is only a year away from a parliamentary General Election.

This course will take a broad and wide approach to the UK and discuss various scenarios since Brexit, and address the numerous challenges facing the UK, both politically, socially and economically.


Erik Mustad er førstelektor i britiske og amerikanske studier ved Institutt for fremmedspråk på Universitetet i Agder. Han har skrevet en rekke bøker og artikler om Storbritannia og britisk politikk, samfunn og historie. Han er også en av redaktørene for podkasten Pod Britannia – https://www.uia.no/om-uia/podkast/pod-britannia