Kurs 01: Action research and language pedagogy: Infusing action learning in language teaching processes


The course is targeted at foreign language teachers in lower and upper secondary school, teacher educators and teacher training students. The focal activities will be workshops based on needs that the participants identify in their own classroom. The course is a two-day event providing theoretical input on action research in language teaching and its links with action learning in the classroom. It will focus on the needs identified by participants, and on practical, trialled models. There will be opportunities to work in a practical way and participants will be offered a framework to plan a collaborative project for implementation in their own classrooms. A few weeks before the course days, participants will be invited to an online meeting to share information about which level(s) and language(s) they teach, and what needs and interests they might tentatively identify for further exploration. In a follow-up session a few months after the course, the course holders will discuss their experiences of trying out project ideas in the classroom and engage in online coaching for action research and action learning projects.

The first day of the course is on Friday October 20 – in context of Sørlandsk lærerstevne, with a second course day on Saturday October 21, both on campus Kristiansand. Participants are asked to contact Eli-Marie Drange / Tale Guldal for more detailed information about the course before signing up (Eli-Marie Danbolt Drange eli.m.drange@uia.no; Tale Margrethe Guldal tale.guldal@uia.no).


Dr Angela Gallagher-Brett is an applied Linguist with a PhD in motivational beliefs about speaking in language learning. She supervises doctoral students in education at the University for the Creative Arts and has previously worked at Queen Mary, University of London, SOAS and the University of Southampton. She has extensive experience of leading continuing professional development initiatives in pedagogic and action research at national and international level and of managing funded national projects in languages.

Prof. dr. Larisa Kasumagić-Kafedžić, a 2003-04 Cornell University Hubert Humphrey Fellow Alumni, is currently a Fulbright Visiting Scholar Fellow at Cornell University. She teaches at the University of Sarajevo’s Department of English Language and Literature in the Faculty of Philosophy. Her research interests are in the fields of intercultural education, peace pedagogy, language education, teacher development, reflective pedagogies and action research in language teaching classrooms. She is also the founder and a president of the Peace Education Hub which was established at the University of Sarajevo in early 2020.

They are both currently team members in Action Research Communities for Language Teachers, a training and consultancy project funded by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe.